Make-Up Flat Lay

This is my first ever flat lay photo shoot with different angles to view different perspectives of the make-up will be doing a fashion flat lay soon so I wanted to practice on make up first to get a whole idea on the lay out and the lightening everything that is important to do a flat lay photo shoot.

Make-up flat lay (Customer Profile)


This first pic is one of my favourites from the pictures I’ve taken, I like the angle that it was taken seeing the nail varnish drip out onto the page. The only thing I don’t like is you can see the tape underneath the nail varnish bottle. I used the sticky take so the bottle would stay still so it makes things a lot easier for me to take a picture.img_2482

Here on the second picture i have taken,  I like the way i have crushed the eye shadow and made a sort of pile and scattered it on the page. The other thing I have done which you can’t tell that I’ve rolled up a little sticky tape under the eye shadow lid to make things more interesting. what I should of done is taken a picture of which you can defiantly tell the lid has been positioned in a certain angle.img_2481

On this picture I did a similar thing to the other one by crushing the eye shadow and scattering it on the page. you can see I’ve put three lines of different colours onto the page a brown and a orange, burgundy like shades. I think it’s effective with the powder scattering through these shades.img_2483


On these two pictures I have taken, you can defiantly see the lighting reflection, the angle of the picture I think is decent itself, it’s just the reflection that ruins it almost. So for my first flat lay Photo shoot I’ve learned on what tricks i can use and what to avoid.


My final piece on what the whole page looks like from above a proper flat lay angle.


Author: troystyling

Student Fashion Stylist

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