The Evolution Of Press Releases

Traditional Press Releases

A traditional PR is offline visibility, involving the production of press releases (usually for print media). The organisation of press conferences and events usually plays a part too. Traditional PR agencies carry information to a wide audience, without much feedback and the communication is very one-way.

A traditional PR pitch would involve selling in the press release over the phone and lunch, mostly in an email. A press release needs to be well written of course, in order to stand out from the hundreds of other releases journalists get each day, but there is not much focus for creativity or opportunity for engagement with the intended audience with this type of content.


Digital Press Releases

A digital PR focus is online visibility. This means working with Google and other search engines such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. To ensure that a client’s website ranks highly in online searches this involves generating high quality links back to a client’s website from each piece of digital content, aswell as optimising the website itself. Done in tandem, this activity will increase a brand’s visibility online.

One thing that sets digital agencies apart from traditional agencies is the opportunity for creativity. A digital piece of content does not have to be limited to 4-5 paragraphs of text, like a traditional press release. Digital content can be in the form of a video, poster anything you’d like, the opportunities are endless.

Here is a proper example of a Digital Press Release –

 Here’s a link to Beyoncés clothing line “Ivy Park” Press Release Video –



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Student Fashion Stylist

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