Rebekka Ruetz

Since 2009, Austrian fashion designer REBEKKA RUÉTZ shakes up the fashion scene and became from 2011 on a lasting part of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin. As part of the event, Rebekka presented, “Funkart” her spring/summer 2017 collection which was full of summer statements.

Like the previous ones, her show began with a touching film in which Rebekka showed a bit of her personality, inspiration and her love for her home Tirol. For the upcoming season she found inspiration at “Schloss Ambras” in Innsbruck, which was reflected in historical painting-prints from the Baroque, Rococo and graphic royal prints that belonged to Sissi, the Austrian empress. “I see strong women“, said Rebekka in her opening film and this is what her fashion was made for.

Accompanied by Muse with the song “Uprising”, containing the lyrics “We will be victorious“. Rebekka Ruétz showed her Funkart fashion composition that consisted of skirts, shirts, jackets, trousers and dresses, made out of silk, cotton, lace, knits, leather imitations and synthetics. Rebekka is well known for her mix of materials and yet again she created a mixture of different elements a bit of vintage flair, contemporary pieces and some surreal aspects. Her summer shape aesthetic could be seen as a game between two design approaches soft and gentle lines built one part of the collection, contrasted by powerful and vigorous shapes, which focused on emphasising the waistlines. 

Rebekka Ruetz Show - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin Spring/Summer 2017


Author: troystyling

Student Fashion Stylist

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