Moschino Fall/Winter 2017-2018

Mood/Style: Pop Art did in fact inspire Jeremy Scott for this Fall-Winter 2016/17 collection, which is a rather literal homage to the provocative artistic work of the British duo Gilbert & George.

Brilliant colours and contour lines that look like they were drawn with a pencil, stand-out prints of crosses and flowers mixed in with a street version of the kilt and vinyl pants pilfered from the punk movement, two-button suits and all-denim outfits, words that evoke universal messages like “hope”, “power” and “life” printed on jersey sweaters, parkas and bombers. A fun and hypnotising collection, just what you would expect from Scott, who reveals his artistic complexity in the most imperceptible details.

Colours: magenta, cobalt blue, black, red, orange, military green, navy blue, turquoise, yellow, violet.

Materials: leather, silk, wool, cashmere, nylon, vinyl, cotton, denim, jersey.

Accessories: leather and lace-up boots, cloth backpacks and handbags, skinny ties, sneakers, baseball caps, leather gloves, wool scarves and hats.


Author: troystyling

Student Fashion Stylist

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